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3060058o.JPG (60103 bytes) Dr. Phil, David Lowe, John Snyder and Michael Goss examine a picket hole. Bermuda Hundred 2006 3060160o.JPG (41929 bytes) Looking down the barrel of a gun on Drewry's Bluff, Va. No wonder the Federals feared this position. 3060180o.JPG (33466 bytes) Period photograph of earthworks Bermuda Hundred Campaign 3060182o.JPG (64344 bytes) Hey Guys! We found the same spot. What a difference 140 years makes.
Burnsidesbridgeo.jpg (53789 bytes) Burnside's Bridge Antietam, Winchester Meeting 2007 So peaceful in the snow. MDheightso.jpg (55230 bytes) The hike up Maryland Heights was something to remember. 


DSCF0747o.JPG (63245 bytes) Bill Neikirk stops for a photo inside the Stone Fort.

On the way down the sleet started. We had lunch in the rain and sleet.

DSCF0815o.JPG (63014 bytes) During the Winchester meeting we had the opportunity to visit the Cedar Creek Battlefield. A great example of reverse trenching was seen in the woods behind us. A little snow couldn't stop us.
DSCF0839o.JPG (59730 bytes) Sometimes we wonder just which direction David is going. Remind you of the scarecrow from OZ? Kudos to David for leading this part of the tour in the snowstorm. Wind was about 25 knots, air temp in the mid 20's and blowing snow! Thanks David from all of us. DSCF0841o.JPG (61045 bytes) "No I think they came from that way." 

The "Cornfield" Antietam

DSCF0838o.JPG (48759 bytes) "Oh heck my arms are just getting tired of pointing" FtFishero.JPG (59338 bytes) Not all is fun and games. We also study the effects of erosion and time on the earthworks. Here is Ft. Fisher a year or so after the NPS had cleared the fort of all vegetation and planted grass, after a storm took down large numbers of trees.

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FtFisherFiringStepo.jpg (61477 bytes) A good example of a firing step. The over story vegetation did a great job of protecting the features of the fort. FtFisherErosiono.jpg (69938 bytes) Some of the "Trench Nerds" discussing the erosion problem in Ft. Fisher. Another example of a firing step, erosion is already stepping in. A quandary in preservation. stoneforto.jpg (68274 bytes) At the top of Maryland Heights is a stone fort named the "Stone Fort". It was a great place to stop and catch our breath after the climb. Everyone made it! Winchester 2007 Meeting


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